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Certified Digital Marketing Professional & WordPress Web Developer

This is me

MTA Windows Operating System Fundamental

Since 2014, I have embarked on a new journey despite being an IT passionate. Now it's been nearly 7 years that I have been working in the Digital Marketing sector although I hold a BSc (Hons) in Applied Computing. Alongside, I discovered WordPress as an interesting CMS platform while venturing on new projects - each of them being quite specific to each client's needs. It goes without saying that you keep learning new things everyday.

My specialisations range from:

Content  Creation 
Campaign Management 

Community   Management

Ad Account Management 

WordPress    Web Development 

Graphic  Design

Computer    Maintenance & Repairs 

Social Media Management & Moderation 

Search  Engine Optimisation

WordPress    Website Optimisation 

Social Media Certified Badge.png
CDMP badge


My motto: “loyalty is a two way street so is trust.”


My work approach: 

Hop ! Let's get started ! Coffee nearby and probably a little snack, yes work do make us hungry. Right ?

My work style can be divided into 2:

  1. Earbuds in, some music and the ideas keep flowing in when making artworks or websites.

  2. Total Concentration. No distraction, being completely immersed in the task being tackled.

As always, proper planning is essential. Someone would say: "one who fails to plan, plans to fail !"

For instance, one way to put it, would be properly planning everything to be done on an Excel, Trello or other collaborative tools and then focusing on the delivery.


On the other hand, flexibility is the key in these type of jobs. For example, working with bigger corporations often requires some adaptability in the sense that anything can be subject to change and issues may arise at anytime. Due to the unpredictability present in the field of Digital Marketing, anyone handling projects may not be available all the time on every team. During my recent works, collaboration with team members was essential; especially when you have to take over the work of another. Just a quick call to a colleague to get more information about what needs to be done or any clients' specific is enough. When unavailable, I would always check if the work can be delegated to any skilled team member. Smartphones do help to create quick posts on the go, but of course it doesn't compare to the good old Photoshop !

On websites however proper support has to be given and issues can occur at anytime - be it mail, website or server issues. Proper communication has to be relayed to all concerned parties until successful.

One thing for sure, I learnt to be multiskilled, multitasking and flexible throughout my career.

Still reading ? Don't hesitate to contact me and opt for the best !

The other side ...

Image by Scott Webb

Clients &


Image by Drew Beamer

Throughout the years, I have been lucky to work with various clients of different backgrounds. Some of them are:

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new nead logo.png
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and much more ...

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